Who is…

Yesterday, Yves Hanoulle published his interview of me as part of his Who Is series.  It was a good opportunity for a little introspection about myself and my career.

Red-Green-Refactor Test Driven Development hat

Hat for Test Driven Development

He included a photo of me wearing my Red-Green-Refactor TDD hat. This hat may be more famous than I am, having been worn by Uncle Bob Martin in Episode 6 of his CleanCoders videos.

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Comments (7) to “Who is…”

  1. George, where on earth do you get a triple peak cap like that? I want one :-)

  2. George, I had to make it. I disassembled three caps and sewed them back into one.

  3. That’s a great interview. Worth reading.

  4. George,
    Will you sell hat’s like that?
    I’m sure some TDD trainer would be interested.


  5. Yves, at my bill rates and sewing rates, it wouldn’t be economic. ;-)

  6. The interview is now part of the book:
    who is agile:

  7. […] achieved some notoriety with my Test Driven Development hat. Not so much when I wear it, but certainly when Uncle Bob does. […]

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