5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success

Most of my recent writing has not yet been published. That, and work on the upcoming AgileDC Conference and Agile India beyond that, have meant relatively little output on my blog. I apologize for that.

I’d like to share with you an interview conducted by Bill Fox for his 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success project. My interview, “Measure Progress in a Way that’s Visible and Reliable,” is found on page 69 of the PDF.  You’ll also find interesting interviews with Karen Base, Kevin Schaaff, Hillel Glazer, Scott Ambler, Neil Potter, Bob Payne, Mike Bonamassa, Mario Hyland, Jeff Dalton, Paul E. McMahon, Karl Wiegers, Mary Lynn Penn, Ally Gill, Alan Shalloway, and Tom Cagley. And there are more to come in the future.

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