Je suis fatigué.

I’ve been on the go quite a bit the last couple months, and my posting here (or lack thereof) bears witness to that.  I’ve had lots of thoughts too share, but little time and energy to put them into words.

These hurried times included a trip to France, and one of the highlights was visiting the Paris Coding Dojo, the origin of the term.  What an enjoyable evening!  No trip to Paris would be complete without it.  (Well, maybe that’s not true for everyone.)

The short version of the story is that the coding dojo takes a little bit of time to thoughtfully examine our craft and the way we practice it.  The comments made during the dojo were a reflection of the importance that small nuances have in the pursuit of effective programming.  I advise everyone in the software development community to find ways to hone their craft outside of the daily grind of delivering work.

And many thanks to the participants of the Paris Coding Dojo for conducting the meeting principally in English for my benefit.

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