I do not endorse PMAC Certification

It has come to my attention that the PMAC (Project Management Association of Canada / Association de Management de Projet du Canada) claims that I support their certification program.  This is a lie.  I do not support their certification program.

Their claim seems to based on a mailing list posting in which I said,

I applaud your efforts to educate the “traditional project manager” in Agile techniques.  I hope that you are very effective in doing so.

  • I did not say anything about their certification program.
  • They did not ask me if they could use my words on their web site.
  • They have fraudulently quoted me as if I have endorsed their certification.

I am all for education. I am suspicious of certifications. I am angry that I have been so misrepresented.

I consider this misrepresentation to be a sleazy trick. It give me the impression that PMAC is not to be trusted. I suggest that you be wary of them.

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  1. Hey man, we don’t always see eye-to-eye one everything, but I totally support your stance here. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, blog a reaction or whatever.

  2. This appears to be just a big misunderstanding.

    I had suggested to the PMAC webmaster, Charles (Tak Keung) Sin, who also handles the AgilePM.com site, that he put up a sidebar on the abovementioned web pages listing anything positive that people are saying publicly about the new certification — the intent was not to say that these people are “endorsing” the program.

    Clearly, Charles misinterpreted the instruction and also misunderstood the implications of the word “endorse” — English is not his first language.

    The PMAC and myself did fail in vetting the changes Charles made to the web sites — we are all volunteers with other demands on our time, but we still should have reviewed the changes before they were posted. I personally accept responsibility for failing to review the changes; however, there was no underlying “sleazy” intent, and I would argue that the accusation of fraud is a little heavy handed in this case.

    When I was contacted by George about the quote and his objection to it, I told him I would have it rectified immediately, and offered him my personal apology. I immediately contacted Charles and instructed him to remove the quotes from the two web pages as soon as he could. The changes were made within 30 minutes, and you can see from the timestamps on the above two postings that this seems to be verified by other observers.

    Again: there was NEVER any intent to cause grief here for anyone. No misquoting or “sleazy” activity was intended — this was all just a big misunderstanding between myself and my offshore webmaster.

    If anyone wants to discuss this further, they can contact me via email at kevin@AgilePM.com

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