AYE 2008 – Remembering Your Resources When Stressed

On last Monday afternoon, I attended the session, Remembering Your Resources When Stressed: The Self Esteem Toolkit led by Jerry Weinberg. This session dwelt on a idea Jerry borrowed from Virginia Satir. We have the capability to do the things we need to do, but we often forget our powers when we’re stressed. The toolkit is a set of reminders of the capabilities we have. Jerry has added to Virginia’s original list, and published them in More Secrets of Consulting.

The book includes: More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant's Tool Kit

  • The Wisdom Box
  • The Golden Key
  • The Courage Stick
  • The Wishing Wand
  • The Detective Hat (and the Magnifying Glass)
  • The Yes/No Medallion
  • The Heart
  • The Mirror
  • The Telescope
  • The Fish-Eye Lens
  • The Gyroscope
  • The Egg, the Carabiner, and the Feather
  • The Hourglass
  • and The Oxygen Mask

You can read about them in the book. I have; these are not new to me. I attended the session to remind myself more powerfully, so that I’ll remember these tools more readily when I need them.

And Jerry reminded us that we can add other tools to our toolbox, too. So I suggested The Ear Trumpet. This is to remind me to listen to what others have to say, and to really hear it.

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