Hello. My name is George Dinwiddie and I’m a software consultant and coach. My job is helping software development teams to become more effective, while helping them accomplish their current project.

I started out in electronics. My first job was a TV-radio repairman when I was 14. After some detours such as being an English major in college, a theatre lighting and sound technician, and an organic vegetable farmer, I came back to electronics and ended up as an Engineering technician developing modems. As it happened, this was at the time that hardware was being replaced with software, and I wrote more firmware than I designed circuits.

I’ve since moved from embedded systems to primarily working on business systems–from assembly language, through procedural C and Pascal, to object-oriented Java and currently learning Ruby. And I’ve played with a lot of things in between. Throughout it all, I’ve tried to learn the best ways of doing things. And I’ve certainly learned a lot. I’m grateful to many people who, directly or through their writings, have taught me so much. And I’m very much aware that there’s an infinite amount more to learn.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of what I’ve learned in a more informal manner than the wiki that I’ve been using. Oh, I’ll continue to use that, too, but this vehicle will allow me to publish thoughts without organizing them into a structure. It will also allow for others to leave comments in reply. I’m looking forward to that! Please do let me know what you think.

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