A funny thing happened today

I applied for a new credit card. I wasn’t in the market for a new credit card. I shred credit card offers almost daily. No one sent me an offer that I found too irresistible. No, the funny thing is that my current credit card bank spent money and went to a lot of trouble to convince me to open an account somewhere else.

It sounds very odd, doesn’t it?

Now I happen to know that this particular bank has worked to embrace Agile software development. I know people who have worked with them to do so. And I’m sure that, considering the size of the organization, they’ve made great strides in improving their software development practice. Yet the events that transpired today tell me that they’re missing an important feedback loop–arguably THE important feedback loop–the one that involves the customer.

Here’s what happened: (Continued)

Simple Design and Testing Conference

It’s only a week away from the Simple Design and Testing Conference. This will be the third such conference organized by Naresh Jain, and the first that I’ve missed. I’m disappointed that I won’t be there, but I’ve been on the road almost continuously for almost five months….

Frankly, it puzzles me that these conferences aren’t more highly attended. Despite my suggestions to Naresh, he insists that there be no admission charge. The only cost is a weekend of your time and your travel expenses. Oh… and a desire to learn and share.