Lack of Information is not Information

Jerry Weinberg said this a couple days ago (and probably many times before that, but that’s when I heard it). Today, I have a story to illustrate this. I also have a puzzle to solve about how I may best avoid this same trap. (Continued)

A story about statistics

Ron Jeffries, when someone asks for data to “prove” that XP or some development practice works, is wont to say that the person they’re trying to convince may be asking for evidence, but it’s not likely that the evidence will convince them. (Continued)

Making software visible

I was reading Jerry Weinberg’s book, Quality Software Management: Vol. 2, First-Order Measurement, and came across the following:

Software’s nature is to be invisible, unless we work to make it visible…. During a construction project, we can see the building rising; but during a software project, all we may be able to see is a programmer staring at a screen.

This got me to thinking, as Jerry’s writing generally does. (Continued)

Time flies like an arrow…

… and fruit flies like a banana. It’s amazing to me that it’s been three weeks since my last post. Sometimes real life has a way of consuming the time, leaving little left for philosophizing.

During this time, Brian Marick has been stirring things up at the Agile Alliance. I’ve joined in the discussion of his observations and proposals only a little. Brian’s turned over a lot of stones at once, and it takes me awhile to examine all the things that have been living under them. Being a Myers-Briggs introvert, I tend to discuss these things in my own head before displaying them to the world. Here, though, I’m just thinking out loud and I haven’t come to any conclusion. (Continued)