Making TDD and Java Swing behave

Recently, I wrote about using the JfcUnit and Abbot frameworks to test-drive the creation of a Java Swing GUI. Since then, a post by Liz Keogh on the ExtremeProgramming yahoogroup led me to another option. It a wrapper around Swing written in conjunction with JBehave, but as Liz points out, it’s not dependent on the framework and can happily be used with JUnit, also. I like the fact that it’s really lightweight and fast. (Continued)

Dale Emery on the Prime Directive

Dale Emery wrote a wonderful post about the Prime Directive on the ExtremeProgramming yahoogroup. This blog entry is mostly to prevent me from losing track of Dale’s comments, as is easy to do on a busy mailing list. I want to be able to go back and re-read his words. (Continued)