Agile Fluency

Diana Larsen first told me about the Where Are Your Keys language learning game that Willem Larsen and Evan Gardner were playing in early 2009. I was initially intrigued, but when I experienced it with Willem later that same year, I became enthusiastic. My interest lay not in learning languages, but in applying the same techniques and framework to teaching Agile techniques. I immediately began thinking how to make that application, and I’ve been thinking along those lines ever since.

Thus, it was with tremendous expectations when I saw that Diana and Jim Shore had published Your Path through Agile Fluency on Martin Fowler’s website. Having read it, I’m both greatly encouraged and slightly disappointed. (Continued)

Bad Scrum, but Pretty Good RUP

Most metals have a bit of springiness to them. If you want to bend them to a certain shape, you have to bend them further than that. When they spring back a bit, they’ll take the shape you want.

Today, I was looking at a milestone chart for a project transitioning from a serial lifecycle to an Agile one in a large organization. At first, I despaired at the picture it painted. There are Requirements and Design phases for the release, and a “hardening sprint” before release. Don’t get me wrong. Things are much better than they were before the transition started, but there is quite a way to go before this effort reaches what I would call truly Agile.

Then it struck me. (Continued)