Video interview: Overcoming Agile Obstacles

Here’s another video interview recorded by Yvette Francino of at the ADP/West 2011 Confierence. (Continued)

Podcast: Acceptance Test Driven Development and the 3 Amigos

Also while in Las Vegas for the ADP/West Conference, Bob Payne and I sat in the Agile Philanthropy booth and recorded a podcast on Acceptance Test Driven Development and the 3 Amigos. This is the latest in a series of Tips and Advice podcasts that Bob and I have done.

Video Interview: On Cultural Change

At the SQE Agile Development Practices (ADP/West) Conference last week in Las Vegas, Yvette Francino interviewed me on the topic of cultural change.  Here is the video of that interview. (Continued)

Don’t You Have to LOGIN first?

In my previous post, Avoiding Iteration Zero, I suggested starting with “the one obvious thing that needs to be done? (Hint: it’s not ‘login.’)” As Jon Kern has recently mentioned, this same topic has come up elsewhere. I was also in that list discussion.

Jon is, of course, right in a narrow sense. You can start with login, if you want. You can also start with an Iteration Zero. (Or, an Iteration Minus One, as I’ve seen one organization do when their list of pre-planning outgrew one iteration.) I’ve observed that you can generally get better software, faster if you start somewhere else.

There are some very good reasons for this. (Continued)