Agile In 6 Months

How long does it take to take a team from where they are to becoming an Agile team?  Of course, that depends on many things, including where they are and how badly they want to succeed at Agile.  It’s reasonable to think they can make a transition in six short months.

If you’d like your team to become Agile, give me a call to find out how I can coach the team to do that for about the same cost as contracting a senior developer.  If your team has already made a transition, but you find that you’re not as effective with Agile as you’d like to be, I can coach using the same framework to help you reach that effectiveness.

Iteration, Increments, and Timeboxes

Like many words, we often use “iterative” and “incremental” quite loosely. I’m OK with that, until that lack of precision causes misunderstandings, disagreements, or misdirection of effort.

It’s quite common for Agile teams to speak of an iteration as a synonym for the Scrum term sprint. Both of these usages really mean timebox. (Continued)