Time Boxes

Bob and I tackle the topic of time boxes on our latest Agile Toolkit Tips & Advice podcast.

Self-Organizing Teams

Live and unrehearsed, Bob Payne and I talk about Self-Oranizing Teams on the Agile Toolkit podcast.  This podcast is a lot shorter than our last one.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

They could not be helped.

I just got around to watching Josh Kerievsky’s talk, 10 Tips for Successful Agile Transitions.  He starts this talk with the tip, “You’ve got to do a readiness assessment,” and I think that’s incredibly good advice. He also says,

They should never, in a million years, have been doing Agile.  They were not ready for it…  They could not be helped.

Ouch! Are there really organizations that must be written off as hopeless? (Continued)